Shipping Zones by Drawing Plugin for WooCommerce

Shipping Zones by Drawing opens the possibility to draw your own shipping areas in WooCommerce


Draw own zones

Define your own shipping areas by drawing into a map or by a radius from your store location

Shipping cost by distance

Use fixed shipping rates or set a rate per transportation distance

Minimum order amount

Set minimum order amounts to control the shipping rate by how much your customers are spending

Shipping Zones by Drawing

1 site licence
$ 29
  • Support and Updates for 6 month
  • Prolong support & updates after 6 month for $3/month

Plugin Package

Shipping Zones by Drawing + Check My Address
$ 48 Support & Updates 6 month
  • Shipping Zones by Drawing Premium
  • Check My Address for WooCommerce
Save $10

Usage Examples with Tutorials


Let say you aim to offer free deliveries for order amounts above $150 and charge $10 for delivery for order amounts below $150.

Besides, only allow deliveries to a certain delivery area, in this example called “Boston”.

This can simply be achieved by adding two shipping methods.

Let´s start by creating a drawn shipping area at Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Shipping Zones by Drawing. Give it the title “Boston”.

boston map

Add a "Shipping Zones by Drawing" shipping method with a flat rate of $0 and a minimum order amount of $150. Chose the "Boston" delivery zone.

Then add a second shipping method with a flat rate of $10 and choose the “Boston” delivery zone.

Now your WooCommerce shipping zone setup should look like the figure below.

At the plugin settings page, select the option to only show the lowest cost shipping method at checkout. If you don´t choose this option booth of the delivery methods will be available at checkout.

Now the setup is ready and then we have accomplished our aim. 

Shipping address within the delivery area “Boston”

Order amount above $150

Order amount below $150